You can tell with one look, FOMOsapiens are a new species of NFT!

FOMOsapiens are the WL Token and the VIP citizens of the Mega-City Metaverse known as GIGATROPOLIS

GIGATROPOLIS  is a commerce-focused Metaverse founded on free market forces, accountability, transparency, decentralized power, innovation & collaborationAside from being distinctive, hyper-realistic PFP avatars, FOMOsapiens are the keys that unlock the exclusive treasures and opportunities held within “GIGA”.

FOMOsapiens holders gain early access to Mint all GIGATROPOLIS properties, and exclusive access to Mint the most rare and lucrative Commercial Properties.

Origin Story

The imagery of the FOMOsapiens collection is the outcome of a “collaboration” between a human Artist and the jaw-dropping Artificial Intelligence known as ArtBreeder. 

In fact, 99% of the source imagery included in the FOMOsapiens collection was produced by the Artificial Intelligence at, while the human Artist was responsible for collecting, curating and preparing the source imagery for the indispensable HashLips Art Engine.  

The background images of the FOMOsapiens collection call to mind the Cyberpunk aesthetic of Blade Runner, the surreal technology of Fantastic Planet, and the inscrutable floating vessels found in Science Fiction and Fantasy Art of the late 70’s and early 80’s. 

Lovingly crafted with no detail overlooked, the  background imagery not only plays a crucial role in determining NFT Rarity, it  also reveals the fascinating and unruly city of GIGATROPOLIS, home of the FOMOsapiens.  

Unlike most NFT collections, FOMOsapiens have an engaging, human element that creates intangible and unpredictable occurrences of rarity.  A minority of FOMOsapiens will be more attractive than most, others might make a funny face, a few will look outlandish, and some may even appear familiar.  

You might even discover there are FOMOsapiens who look like you!

It's not a game, it's a lifestyle.

GIGATROPOLIS is a cyberpunk themed mega-city of the future, bristling with hulking arcologies that stretch hundreds of stories into the sky. “GIGA”, is a Metaverse built for business, and the home of the FOMOsapiens Family on the Polygon Blockchain. 

Images for demonstration purposes only.

25000 NFT Parcels
7500 Ready for Occupancy
5 Trade Districts

Commercial & Residential Properties


There are a variety of Commercial Property types in GIGATROPOLIS, each with their own features, benefits and functions within the economy. Some business types offer greater prestige and profit potential, while others require less investment of time and energy.

Commercial Property owners have access to exclusive monetization opportunities and resources in the GIGATROPOLIS Metaverse. These VIPs will build the dynamic, competitive and sustainable economy at the heart of GIGA, taking on key roles in our community by working with real world clients and companies, and offering tangible on-chain value to our partners, our members and the greater crypto community.

There are 6 types of Residential Property and 3 Color Schemes, ranging from the most common Red Suite, or the ultra-rare Green Skyway, to a handful of the elite “Penthouse” apartments.

Aside from a cool 3-D home, GIGATROPOLIS Residential Property owners also gain exclusive access to Smart Contract employment opportunities, top-tier recreational privs, as well as voting Rights, airdrops, gated access, guest invites and more.

(More details on GIGATROPOLIS Properties in the near future!)

fun & games

Recreation in GIGATROPOLIS comes in may forms. Enjoy unique games of chance and skill, exclusive Social Media portals, NFT Marketplaces, exclusive merch, livestreams and group chats, giveaways, raffles, and the GIGATROPOLIS Lottery. 

The Grind

GIGA offers unique opportunities for community members to earn crypto online by delivering a product or service with real-world value and utility. We call these jobs “GIGS” . . . but I can’t remember why?

The GIGA Economy

Sustainability and future growth are the top priorities for the GIGATROPOLIS economy. We believe these are best achieved through a variety of means, that allow both FOMO Family and the crypto community to engage with GIGATROPOLIS in a way that suits individual interests, encourages creative thinking, and allows for new ideas.

The Framework
The GIGA Community Vault, and the $FOMO Utility Token are at the core of our Metaverse economy. A percentage of all proceeds generated through the activities of FOMOsapiens NFTs and the GIGTROPOLIS Metaverse will be deposited into the GIGTROPOLIS Community Vault, while the $FOMO Utility Token offers a variety of rewards within the GIGA Community.

The GIGA DAO membership consists of FOMOsapiens collection members and GIGATROPOLIS Parcel Owners, who will each have voting Rights in all major decisions, developments and disputes concerning GIGATROPOLIS and the Community Vault. The “Rug-Proof” mutli-signature DAO ensures that GIGATROPOLIS will be a force in the crypto community for years to come. 

An important facet of the GIGATROPOLIS economic model involves collaborating and partnering with real world organizations to create unparalleled results for both our allies and their clients, by harnessing the power of large groups online. The intent is to generate revenue for the individual blockchain businesses of GIGA and grow the economy as a whole, while raising the value of the $FOMO Token in the process. It seems reasonable to presume that success is also likely to increase demand for FOMOsapiens NFTs and GIGTROPOLIS parcels, and likewise their value.

GIGA is zoned into several Trade Districts. Each District will contain a limited number of businesses, with the remaining parcels being residential properties. Residential Property Owners will be incentivized to support the businesses in their local Trade District through a reward system, with the added benefit of the winning district being exempt from the periodic “Death and Taxes” event.
(More on this later . . .)

Future Outlook
In the long term, GIGA will belong to her citizens, and JOY International, with the Founder’s percentage of the proceeds reverting to the Community Vault. 

Our Mission

The FOMOsapiens and GIGATROPOLIS are humbled and honored to be partnered with JOY International ( in the Fight for Freedom!

Celebrating 40 years of rescuing and rehabilitating young victims of human trafficking and child sex slavery, the small but mighty team at JOY International has been instrumental in saving and healing the lives of thousands of children, as well as preventing the abduction and trafficking of many more.

The combined resources of the FOMOsapiens/GIGATROPOLIS community, along with JOY International and their allies around the world, will serve as a force multiplier in the “invisible” Good vs. Evil battle to save helpless kids from a waking nightmare most people hesitate to even imagine.

We owe it to these suffering children to save their lives and souls, and we owe it to the collective fate of humanity to FIGHT this horrendous Evil with every resource we have available.

I humbly implore you to visit and learn more.

The Inspiration

JOY International is the true inspiration and driving force behind the creation of the FOMOsapiens NFT collection and the GIGATROPOLIS Metaverse.  Over the past 40 years, JOY International has rescued thousands of women and children from human trafficking and slavery, as well as providing the facilities required to allow them a safe transition into a healthy and self-sufficient future. 

I have the privilege of counting Dr. Jeff Brodsky, the Founder of JOY International, among my closest friends.  Jeff is a man with a deep sense of compassion, a natural love of humor, and a life’s mission that few people would dare to embrace.

Jeff saves children from a fate worse than death.  He is the kind of person who can change the way you see the world during a casual lunch conversation.  Jeff can make you think big about protecting the “least” among us, and also provide you an opportunity to step up and act accordingly.

After 4 decades of rescuing children all over the world, Jeff has some amazing stories. One of my favorites demonstrates how eager children are to help when they learn about other kids in peril.  After learning about the very idea of child slavery, some of these young heroes have gone so far as to create their own products by hand, find buyers for their wares, and ultimately raise thousands of dollars for JOY International!  

One day in July of 2021, Jeff was telling me about a young lady, still in elementary school, who raised nearly $10,000 by baking Peanut Butter flavored Dog Biscuits and selling them in her community.  She was so successful that some of her friends and schoolmates were also inspired to take action and get creative!  Her empathy and determination not only raised money, but also raised the consciousness of the people around her . . . as well as my own. 

I was thinking about how pragmatic this young lady was, how she took action with the skills and ideas she had, when it dawned on me that she had demonstrated everything I need to know, in order to join the fight.  At that moment, I realized I needed to make a plan that I could execute myself, and then take action. 

That realization eventually materialized as the concept of the FOMOsapiens.

It’s been 6 months and countless hours of creating, learning, and hardcore grind since then.  During that time, there have been numerous roadblocks, lots of confusion, and a fair amount of feeling like a knucklehead and simply starting over.

The FOMOsapiens are the result of my best effort, a literal Labor of Love, for the freedom-driven Cryptocurrency Community, and for the millions of enslaved children who desperately need our help.

If the FOMOsapiens are successful, it is my intent that much of our proceeds and FOMO Family community efforts will be dedicated to funding the work of JOY International, and raising awareness about child slavery and human trafficking.

I humbly implore YOU to join JOY International in The Fight for Freedom!


Visit to learn more about JOY International


Evolution of The Species

Phase 1

Collection Development . . . ✔ Development . . . ✔
Minting Event . . . ✔

Phase 2

FO-Mint Fiasco Event . . . (Coming Soon)
Assemble Co-Founder Team

Phase 3

$FOMO Utility Token
GIGA Community Vault
Develop Win-To-Earn Game 

Phase 4

GIGATROPOLIS Business Development
GIGATROPOLIS Metaverse Development

Collection Traits


25k Unique NFTs


6 Scenes
16 Variations


8 Categories
5 Color Palettes


25 Heads
6 Categories


10-20 Sets
per Category


10-20 Sets
per Category


6 Categories
7 Icons


3-6 Sets each
in 6 Head Categories


8 Varieties

Collection Rarity


6 Scenes
3 Colors
16 Variations Total


Skyway = 4.9k
Stateroom = 4.9k
Studio = 4.9k
Study = 4.8k
Suite = 4.9k
Penthouse = 385 (No Colors)


Red = 16.8k
Yellow = 5.8k
Green = 1.9k


Male & Female
5 Color Schemes
8 Categories

Color schemes

Light Red = 46.6%
Dark Red = 41.6%
Gold = 11.3%
Green = 0.28%
Black = 0.11%


Light Red Male = 7.8k
Light Red Female = 3.8k
Dark Red Male = 6.9k
Dark Red Female = 3.4k
Gold Male = 1.9k
Gold Female = 936
Green = 71 (Exclusive Avatars)
Black = 29 (Exclusive Avatars)


4 Color Schemes
8 Icons

by color (M/F)

Light Red = 1.2k/2.3k 
Dark Red = 1.2k/1.1k
Gold = 437/320
Green = 7


SUSco = 1.0k
SUSco Snake = 1.0k
Spaceship = 730
Hard Fork Cafe = 720
Peace Out = 594
Mark-It Caps = 157
Pump & Dump = 60
Skull Pin = 1


All 5 Color Schemes

by color (M/F)

Light Red = 2.5k/1.7k
Dark Red = 1.2k/754
Gold = 570/160
Green = 18 (0.07%)
Black = 8 (0.03%)


All 5 Color Schemes
8 Varieties

by color (M/F)

Light Red = 2.5k/1.7k
Dark Red = 1.2k/754
Gold = 570/160
Green = 18 (0.07%)
Black = 8 (0.03%)


Double Moon
Gold Moon
Gold Rocket
Gold Whale
Silver Moon
Silver Rocket
Silver Studs
Silver Whale

Key Information

Total Supply: 25,000 
Private Reserve: 2,500
Blockchain: Polygon
Standard: ERC-721
Royalties: 0%



MATIC Tokens (the native currency of the Polygon Blockchain) can be found on all of the major Cryptocurrency exchanges and DEXs.  To avoid ETH bridging fees, we recommend trading for MATIC on your preferred exchange, then withdrawing the tokens to your MetaMask wallet.

Please visit this website for a detailed description of how to add Polygon Mainnet to your MetaMask Wallet.

We believe that a large community will provide the FOMOsapien Family with greater value in the long run, versus a more exclusive set of collectibles held by fewer people. 

This is the part of the collection retained by the collection owner, which will be used to reward supporters, act as a financial resource for future development, provide contest awards, prizes and airdrops, fund flash donations, and incentivize a variety of interaction. The Private Reserve also accounts for the owner’s personal collection of FOMOsapiens.

Price Fighter is the working title of a game concept that will allow people to both play-to-earn, and compete with fellow FOMOsapiens owners for rewards. Price Fighter is a trading themed game, that encourages players to learn more about real world price action and the forces that drive it. Several classes of competition will allow new players to build skill while minimizing risk, while allowing more experienced players to flex their knowledge and skills for big winnings.  FOMO Family members who aren’t competing will have the opportunity to “sponsor” their favorite players, to give support, and earn rewards. 

There’s not a simple answer to that question. There will be a sizeable celebratory donation to JOY International, shortly after the Reveal. 

A large percentage of the profits from sales of merch and collectible items will be donated to JOY International.  The majority of the profits from the gaming platform will also be donated to JOY.

Donations may not be the solution needed.

Many people don’t realize that the rescue of a human trafficking victim is only the beginning of a long journey back to a “normal” life.  People need a place to recover, counseling and some practical skills before they can go it alone.

Traditional fundraising methods are not very effective when it comes to “unrelatable” problems, like child slavery and human trafficking.  MAny people have encountered a stray cay, or know someone who has struggled with disease – very few people know someone who’s child has been enslaved.

These obstacles have led us to address the issue from an unusual perspective.

Our long term vision is to create several online platforms and businesses with the purpose of providing a sustainable source of funding for JOY International and their partner organizations.  

Concerning this aspect of the FOMOsapiens, I would prefer to under-promise, and overdeliver, as I learn more about our options. You can rest assured that JOY International and their fight against human trafficking are a top priority of the FOMOsapiens Family, and that our choices will honor their mission and their public reputation.

No way, Fam. 

If this project is fortunate enough to gain the support of early adopters, those people should reap ALL the rewards earned by their investment, just as they would incur 100% of any losses. 

Likewise, buyers of FOMOsapiens on the secondary market shouldn’t face consequences for joining our Family.  

Royalties make sense in a licensing deal between a creator and a manufacturer or distributor, but just don’t seem appropriate for a set of collectibles or game pieces. Just my opinion.


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